Lady of Light


I’m having way too much fun with these


The Lord of Silver Fountains

movie version // book version

seriously one of my most favorite scenes ever.


Fancast Meme: Eleven Racebent Characters: Disney Edition

The Little Mermaid:

Karla Crome as Ariel                                                           

Adetomiwa Edun as Prince Eric


Happy Birthday Aaron!

If you intend on fighting me, do not expect any mercy.

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♛ legendarium characters

Tar-Telperiën (S.A. 1320 - S.A.1731)

For 175 years Tar-Telperiën was the tenth monarch of Númenor andthe second Ruling Queen. She was the eldest child of Tar-Súrion and died at the high age of 411 years.

Track Title: StarWaves

Artist: M83

Album: Oblivion - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack